About foodilize
Connecting The World Through Food!


Glad you found us!

Here at foodilize.com, we have a few objectives and a goal.


Our Goal

We want to create a site where we connect food with people and businesses.

The best way to do this is by networking.




There are two types of accounts on Foodilize, ‘Personal’ or ‘Business’ account.


Business Account

We only allow food related businesses on our sites. This is not limited to restaurants and take-aways, it is also food start-ups, catering services, food authorities to name a few.

We have created a dedicated tab called Menu so that you can browse the restaurant’s menu to see what they serve. 

You can get in touch with the food establishment directly to get some of your questions answered, check out the latest news and offers available from your local restaurant.

We no longer eat just to survive! Food is so intertwined with our lives that often it is the defining factor of an event. When we go travelling all over the world, we want to try out the local cuisine; this experience then lives on in our memories.

So next time you go travelling be sure to check out the locals’ menu.



Personal Account

People have been creating fantastic inspiring food. Some people have created food that looks like works of art; other people make delicious use of everyday items in the cupboard. There are lots of talented people we would love to see making and cooking food.

We have a dedicated COOK tab where people can upload their videos and recipes and showcase their food love to the world to see.


We all love great food, but how do we discover these? Yes, we may hear it as word of mouth but what if the news hasn’t reached you?

At last, a dedicated website for food businesses to communicate with us. Food Businesses can tell us of their news, offers, promos or events!


There are hungry people all over the world and there is no reason for this in this day and age. We pledge that as our popularity grows, with your help, collectively we will help those in need of food the most.